Jackson Details 2

Well, it’s been a while since our fabulously successful Jackson Details mini-contest, where MissPresers showed off their intimate knowledge of downtown Jackson and its architectural details. So, since it’s Spring (finally) (I think) and y’all would probably rather be outside anyway, let’s fire up a new contest.

As you may recall, I myself won the title of Person With Too Much Time on His/Her Hands in the last Jackson Details, after only 3 of the 5 photos were correctly identified. I know you were all very embarrassed that I had to finally give the answers, and you’ve all been looking for a re-match, so here it is. And to make the contest more lucrative, the new title bestowed on the winner will be “Most Observant Preservationist.” Name the buildings that these details belong to, and you could win it all!

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  1. War Memorial
    Heber-Ladner Building
    Sillers Building
    Plaza Building
    UMC Hospital


  2. What he said …


  3. So we have to be observant enough to know what he missed?


  4. I think the last one is the Old Jackson Municipal Library on N. State St.


  5. Theodore, from the two time preservation extraordinaire winner, or winer as EL seems to imply, congratulations for having too much time on your hands. Also to doakley for bringing up the rear! ;-)


  6. Congrats to Theodore, our Most Observant Preservationist, and to doakley who comes in as Second-Most Observant Preservationist. And to tsj, who wins the title of Preservationist Most Able to Throw A Back-Handed Compliment. Good job, y’all :-)


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