How ‘Bout a Contest?

I think it might be time for another contest, so let’s just set aside all other concerns, obviously of lesser importance, and get to it, shall we?

For those of you who have recently stumbled into the wacky world of MissPres, occasionally we hold week-long contests that test the observational skills and knowledge of MissPresers. Each day, we publish a photo or two, and readers compete to see who knows what building is pictured and how much they know about it.

In our previous contests, I’ve been a softie and only used buildings that are still standing, but this time around, the field is wide open. A pictured building may still be standing in your community, or it may have burned down in 1893. I’m hoping this newfound freedom will allow me to stump everyone on at least one image–then I can die happy.

To get a sense of how previous contests have worked out (or to relive past glories), check out the Name This Place series page that I’ve helpfully created just for you.

Here are the rules:

Contest Rules:

1.  At least one photo will be posted each day. The primary posting time this week will be 3 PM to help everyone forget about those mid-afternoon blues. Bonus photos may be published at any time of day or night (observant readers may have noticed that I’m a night owl).

2.  I may or may not give a hint before the photo. It just depends on how I’m feeling. There will be no out-of-state buildings. Who cares about those anyway??

3.  The first person to state the name of the building, along with its location wins a point. Post answers in the comment area. The format of the answer must include the name and the town/community or it won’t count. Those who complain about having to name the town will also be forced to name the county.

4.  To make it more interesting, an extra point will be awarded to anyone who comes along later and adds more information to the initial answer; for instance:

  • information about a construction date, architect, renovations, or historical information about the building’s use or importance;
  • comparisons to other buildings of a similar type or style, or buildings with the same architect or builder.
  • Only one point per person for extra information, no matter how much information you give. This means that up to two points can be awarded to the person who answers first if he or she includes not only the name and location but also the construction date, etc. But only one point can be awarded to anyone who adds information after the initial correct answer. As a strategy, however, you might consider that if you add a bunch of extra information you will be taking away points from others who won’t have much left to say once you’re done.

5.  If there is a judgment call about whether your information is accurate or if it “adds” enough to be interesting and thus eligible to receive a point, I, E.L. Malvaney (hereafter referred to as “Most Worshipful” or simply “Great One”) will make that judgment call after consulting my dog, who has been around the block a time or two.

At the end of the week (i.e., after Friday), the person with the most points wins the right to be called “Mississippi’s Preservationist Extraordinaire” (*until the next contest).

The first photo will appear later today at 3 PM (CDT) sharp. Good luck!


Previous Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire winners:

Name This Place 1: tsj1957 (7 points)
Name This Place 2: doakley (8 points)
Name This Place 3: Carunzel (7 points)
Name This Place 4: tsj1957 (8 points)

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