Name This Place 5.1

Be the first winner in this week’s Name This Place contest. Read the rules, guess the place correctly and give us some information about it. It’s that simple!

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  1. I’m not sure about this but is it the Carrollton Masonic Lodge?


  2. What a fabulous building! Is it the masonic lodge in Fayette?


  3. Sold in 2004 to a Brookhaven lumber company…


  4. Thomas Hinds Lodge No. 58 F&AM, the oldest brick structure in Fayette, constructed in 1854. Since 2004, the Lodge has been closed, owned by a Brookhaven lumber company.


  5. Until they banished them…


  6. Volume 60 of “The Southern Reporter” describes a 1912 dispute over the lease agreement between the Thomas Hinds Lodge #58 and the Presbyterian Church of Fayette – resulting in the Church moving out of the lower floor of the building.


  7. I was online (working!) at 3 when the picture was posted. I could figure out it was a masonic something…due to the symbol on the door. Not being from MS, that was it for me.

    Imagine my surprise when I checked later tonight to discover it was Lafayette!…which I accidentally stumbled upon a year ago when I made a wrong turn out of Natchez. After we drove out of town–thanks to a local who helped us get back to the highway–I remarked to my friend “I should have been taking pictures of all these neat buildings.”


  8. Yay, points all around, although *mysteriously* there’s still a little recent tidbit of information out there if someone else wants to earn a point.


  9. I believe the building was recently acquired by the City of Fayette.


  10. I should know this, but I can’t recall. Is is about to be a MS Landmark? I know there’s been talk about demolishing it, but think I heard that there was something in place (or going in place) to protect it more than it is.


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