Name This Place 13.3.1

In the first post of yesterday, Suzassippi increased her lead by two points for recognizing and providing some architectural history of the Old Merchants and Farmers Bank in downtown Meridian; though various other facts about the history could have been… Read More ›

Name This Place 13.2.1

A note before we get started with today’s parts of the contest. Please read The Rules of the contest and remember to leave your answers in the comment section on Preservation in Mississippi, not on Facebook or Twitter; answers left… Read More ›

Name This Place 13.1.1

If you are just joining us, you have picked a great time. We are at the very start of the thirteenth edition of our Name This Place contest, wherein MissPres readers battle for the much-coveted title of Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire…. Read More ›

Tag Tuesday: 1820-1829

Wherein we take a look at what was going on in the great big world of architecture in the 1820s. Rosalie (1823), Natchez, Mississippi This National Historic Landmark Federal-style house overlooks the Mississippi River on the bluff in Natchez. St…. Read More ›

Choose Your Pilgrimage

Spring Pilgrimage season kicked off last weekend in Natchez, with its month-long open house, and at least four other Mississippi communities are celebrating pilgrimage in the next month. For a convenient calendar view, check out the MissPres calendar, always available… Read More ›

Tag Tuesday: 1810-1819

This week’s Tag Tuesday post is brought to you by the semi-circular (or round) arch and elliptical fanlight so characteristic of the Federal style that was coming into its own in the second decade of the nineteenth century. How many… Read More ›