Name This Place 13.4.3

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  1. Tabernacle at North Carrollton


    • I will accept that identification of “Tabernacle” since the building type is so rare (Carrollton does not have two tabernacles to get mistaken for each other), but it could be identified more specifically. One point.


  2. Style: Methodist al fresco Agrarian Ecclesiastical

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  3. Grand Gulf Military Park, Port Gibson, MS


  4. I was identified as early as 1926 in the Greenwood Commonwealth, and a 1929 article referenced its construction on the Big Sand Creek bank between North Carrollton and Carrollton.


  5. The deed for the lot on which to erect the tabernacle was secured 1922 (Jackson Daily News, 18 Step 1922, p. 5).


  6. This past fall a 50th anniversary showing of The Rievers was held in the tabernacle. The movie was filmed in Carrollton.

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