Name This Place 13.3.2

Two photos have been provided to make this place easier to name. So please read The Rules of the contest and Name This Place:



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  1. I would hazard a guess the old Carnation Milk plant, in Tupelo.


  2. Armstrong Tire and Rubber Co Plant, Natchez, MS
    Art Moderne


  3. I think James Canizaro designed?
    Cast in place concrete construction.


  4. Built 1938-1939, by builder B. L. Knost.


  5. It was billed as the “only completely fireproof factory in the South” and was to cost “nearly $300,000” with a working area of 190,000 square feet. The news article said the most impressive feature was the “barrel-type roof sections” which originated in Europe and was most common.


  6. Yes. My dad designed it

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    • Do you have any stories, recollections, or information about your father’s involvement in this project? It is a large building, so was it an important project for him?


  7. I know I’m not allowed any points in this contest, but I cant resist posting this link to the architectural Concrete article about his amazing industrial cmplex.


    • You can chime in any time you want. You are allowed to play this contest, except on a couple of places that you have inside information on. It would be unfair for you to play on those.


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