Name This Place 13.4.4

The final post of this contest’s penultimate day. Name This Place:


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  1. I think. Maybe. A modified house on Wells Street in Kosciusko.


  2. Wells-Roby House, Kosciusko, 1840


  3. A few comments as requested on a building posted earlier today Armstrong Tire and Rubber plant.
    Since I was born in 1938 so i have no first hand experience on that building. The job made it possible for my Dad to start his firm in MS. He moved home to MS in 1936 on the hope of getting work with the help of relatives. I did experience the long dusty ride to Natchez in later years to see additions to this building. WW2 kept the need for tires hot. The drawings are in the James T Canizaro collection at MSU


  4. i remembered this house in Kosciusko, but was driving today and couldn’t go searching for the details. Glad you found it Carunzel!

    The Attala County Courthouse also was constructed by Lindamood & Puckett – in 1897.


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