Name This Place 13.1.2

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  1. Forrest County Justice Court, Hattiesburg, MS.


  2. Masonic Temple, Hattiesburg


  3. architect, Robert Emmett Lee, built 1920


    • My favorite bit of R.E. Lee trivia is that in the teens he practiced with his brother Noel E. Lee (1885-1949) as the Lee Brothers Architects. This might speak as to why there is a dearth of building attributed to him during this time on the MDAH HRI database. N.E. Lee worked in Mississippi until the early 1920s when he moved to California where he remained for the rest of his life.

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  4. Former or current Masonic Temple? 1920, Neoclassical, architect Robert Emmet Lee.


    • Former. You’re right that it’s part of the Justice Court now.


    • The original or historic name and use of a building takes precedence over the current or a more recent name or use. It is currently the Forrest County Justice Court but was constructed as Hattiesburg’s Masonic Temple, so the latter name takes precedence over the former.

      You will get a point for providing its current occupant.


    • I have reversed my previous decision. I looked back through all the Name This Place competitions we have had and at the rules. All it states is that the name of the building be provided, not specifying that it has to be the building’s historic name. Although it is historically known as the Hattiesburg Masonic Temple, it is currently the Forrest County Justice Court. We have never had someone give a current name for a building without giving its historic name, and most of the buildings previously used in the contest have only had one name.

      So, Suzassippi gets the first point for stating the name of the building and its location and an extra point for stating that it is in the Neoclassical style. Normally, that would mean that Carunzel would only get one point for providing the architect, construction date, etc. But, I am not going to take away the extra point from Carunzel; this is meant to be a fun competition and taking points away from someone does not seem to me like part of a fun competition. So, you both get two points for this building, only this once, though.

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      • You are too kind, sir. I fear this will only make you try to stump us harder tomorrow!


        • The places are all chosen before the contest starts, so I will not choose tomorrow’s places in response to my failure to stump everyone today. I do not expect to stump anyone tomorrow, but Thursday and Friday are different stories.

          Unless we get some more people commenting, I think it might be a little easier for me to stump everyone. It is much easier to stump two or three people than the two dozen we had in last year’s contest.


  5. Mighty White of you.


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