Name This Place 13.2.2

Two photos have been provided to make this place easier to name. So please read The Rules of the contest and Name This Place:

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  1. First-Trinity Presbyterian in Laurel


  2. First Trinity Presbyterian Church, Laurel


    • One point for identifying the building. You can get another point for providing further information about it.


    • I am afraid an earlier comment identifying the building was caught up in the comment moderation. I did not notice it until after I had commented awarding you a point. But you can still get a point for providing more information about this church, and there is a great deal of information that can be provided about it.


  3. Gothic architecture, Designed by Rathbone DeBuys


  4. Construction date 1924-25; interior designer Watson & Boaler; builder Underwood contracting.


  5. Ironwork Yellin, Samuel, metalworkers and stained glass Heinigke & Smith.

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  6. There’s a ghost in the tower.


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