Name This Place 13.1.4

Our final place for today with two photos to aid in the naming.

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  1. Lustron House, Clarksdale, MS. School street, I think.


  2. Inventor was Carl Strandlund, and it was post WW II. This version has been remodeled, closing in the porch. They were metal pre-fab.


  3. This was the Westchester model.


  4. And here is something new that I did not know–Strandlund received most of his money for the project from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, or so says Curbed, and that they were designed by Chicago architect Morris Beckman.


    • There is a lot of information on Lustron houses out there; that is why I chose it as an easy day one place. I live a few blocks from a Lustron and within a five mile radius of several others. They are interesting houses that warrant preservation, something Mississippi has not done particularly well.

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      • Agreed. I learned about them first on this blog, from Malvaney. I actually knew this one and recognized it, since I drove to Clarksdale to try to find it and photographed it. Many of the surviving ones are in poor shape, but there are some that are amazing.


        • I should say that the ones where I live survive due to luck, not intent. One of them is in very poor shape. A couple of the others are neglected rentals.


  5. Corner of Anderson, me think


    There are several on one street in Albany NY. I didn’t realize there were any in MS. The interiors are pretty interesting but I’m not sure I’d want to live in one.


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