Vacation Postcards: USM Stadium, Hattiesburg

MissPres is on vacation this week, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.

More Vacation Postcards. . .

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  1. a familiar structure! i should remember when this was built, and the architect(s), but i don’t. however, i do remember thinking, as a child, how strange it must be to ‘live here’ as a student–the noise, all the people milling around, etc. on the other hand, it’s a rather wonderful design! i suppose i could look on a campus map to see it it’s still standing but maybe someone can tell me ‘more easily’.


  2. in a quick look on a current usm campus map, i don’t find it—so, it must have been demolished, probably some time ago; the structure seemed big to me as a child but it’s tiny compared to the m m roberts stadium, somewhat in it’s place. i recognize some of the older buildings on the campus map but none of the new ones; i haven’t been on the campus in many years.


  3. did a bit of sleuthing— the view on the postcard shows the east side of the stadium, completed in 1939; the west side wasn’t constructed until 1953–with world war 2 inbetween; it seems that each side might survive, “remodeled” and under the upper decks, added in 1976. maybe some of our readers can supply more information. as i said earlier, i should know these facts ‘off the top of my head”, for i did some historical consulting work for the university some years ago, but that data isn’t ‘handy’ in my brain now—the older i get the more i know i have forgotten!


  4. I lived at 3105 Pearl Street from 1946 to 1952. The Mississippi Southern Band, complete with majorettes, practiced marching from the campus up to Dr. Weathersby’s home and turned around and marched back. This was due to the football team practicing on the parade field. Our family would all sit on the porch and watch. My mother–and my father–were graduates of Demonstration School. My mother in her senior was as a member of the MSC band that was invited to participate in FDR’s 1933 Presidential inauguration. She played clarinet. I still have the clarinet and case complete with the posted decals of the places the band visited. The band on the return trip stopped by and performed at the Confederate Veterans home in Richmond.
    I’ve been through the McCain Library archives and but found nothing. There’s not even a school annual for that period.


  5. Unique in the stands had a dormitory attached– “In 1938, permanent concrete stands which also housed dormitory space for student-athletes were built on the east side of the field” (Faulkner Field).
    MDAH HRI calls it East Stadium Dormitory.


  6. While searching for MSC(sic), I found this 1933 aerial photo of Mississippi College


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