Waverley Back on Pilgrimage Under New Owners

Waverley, 2009

Columbus’ week-long Spring Pilgrimage wraps up this weekend, so you still have time to catch the awe-inspiring Waverley, with its octagonal cupola, a National Historic Landmark. As you may recall, Robert Snow, who undertook to restore the long-vacant mansion on the banks of the Tombigbee River and opened it to the public for decades, died in March 2017, and the house went up for sale later that year. New owners Charlie and Dana Stephenson are beginning their own undertaking, planning for roof and other repairs to give a new chapter to this grand old place. Meanwhile, if you’re in the neighborhood, run up for a tour this weekend!

Read and see the story on WCBI:

Can’t get enough Waverley?

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  1. Delighted to see this.


  2. this property is a national treasure–there isn’t another house like it in the usa. it is wonderful that private owners have taken on this responsibility. i have heard that a eupora, ms firm, belinda stewart architects, known for both their contemporary and their preservation work throughout the state, are the consultants.

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