Name This Place 13.4.1

The Lindamood Building at the Palmer Home for Children in Columbus was yesterday’s first post which southside preservationist got two points for, as southside preservationist was the first person to name the building and city; Suzassippi, Carunzel, Mattie Abraham, and Belinda2015/Belinda Stewart all got single points. Name This Place 13.3.2 was Natchez’s Armstrong Tire and Rubber Company Plant with southside preservationist again answering first with extra information for two points while Suzassippi and ELMalvaney got one point each. The day’s third post was the multi-monikered Spires Boling/Bolling-Gatewood House/Ida B. Wells-Barnett Museum in Holly Springs. Belinda2015/Belinda Stewart received two points for the initial identification and architectural information; Carunzel and Suzassippi each received one point. The last place of the day was the Church of Christ in Booneville, which Carunzel was awarded two points for with no one providing further information for more points.

Current Standings:

Suzassippi: 14 points
Carunzel: 8 points
southside preservationist: 7 points
Belinda2015/Belinda Stewart: 5 points
Thomas Rosell: 1 point
thomfred: 1 point
Db: 1 point
James: 1 point
Jennifer Bradley: 1 point
Mattie Abraham: 1 point
ELMalvaney: 1 point

Just because you have not participated in the contest so far, is no reason not to today. While any newcomers would probably not be able to catch the current leader, Suzassippi; they could play spoiler. And Suzassippi has not won the contest, yet, as there are four posts today and four more tomorrow to make up points with several others people within striking distance. Name This Place XIII is still anyone’s game.

As always, please read The Rules of the contest and remember to leave your answers in the comment section on Preservation in Mississippi, not on Facebook or Twitter; answers left on those sites are not counted and no points are awarded for them. Also, let us all remember that the city or town must be included with the initial identification.

So Name This Place:



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7 replies

  1. stumped.
    Greek revival.
    acanthus leaf column capitals.


  2. agreed. Trying to place the geography. Weird gravel road in the back? slightly hilly. Not Corinth. Tupelo? Strange location in residential neighborhood.
    No pediment/low slope hipped roof. Good one.


  3. Moore-Powell-Whitaker House
    201 Margin Street
    Grenada, Grenada County
    Construction Date: 1857
    Architectural Styles(s): Greek Revival
    Across the center three bays of the façade is a broad, unpedimented tetrastyle portico with “Temple of the Winds” fluted Corinthian columns.
    First time ever response after years of visiting site.


    • Congratulations on your first two points. Despite its great historic architecture, Grenada is a little overlooked compared to Holly Springs, Columbus, etc., so I thought I might be able to stump everyone with this house. Good job.


  4. Afraid i had it wrong at first. Thanks! Designed by architect John Moore as his residence as I have since discovered.


  5. Part of the Margin Street NR Historic District.


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