Name This Place 13.1.1

If you are just joining us, you have picked a great time. We are at the very start of the thirteenth edition of our Name This Place contest, wherein MissPres readers battle for the much-coveted title of Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire. At the end of the week, maybe it will be you standing on that podium while the National Anthem plays and the whole world watches in awe.

Check out The Rules and start playing. This is our first photo of the day.

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  1. Yazoo County Courhouse


    • Please refer to the contest rules: “The first person to state the name of the building, along with its location wins a point. The format of the first answer must include the name and the town/community or it will not count.”

      Because of that, you did not get a point, despite being the first to comment. You can still get a point for providing some additional information about the building and its history, and there will also be plenty of other opportunities the rest of the week for you to Name This Place first.


  2. Yazoo County Courthouse, Yazoo City, MS.


  3. built 1871-72, Italianate; Charles Oates Architect; Valentine Warner Builder/contractor; renovation architect 1931, C. H. Lindsley with Currie and Corley contractors.


  4. That horrid annex c. 1975, and what were they thinking?


    • What that annex is is the embodiment of the ethos that an addition to a historic building must be modern and of its time, which is shorthand for saying uglier and worse than the original building.


      • Well, while I rather like the design (is that a version of brutalism?), it clearly is an insult to the original building. Granted, you do not “fake” the addition, but shouldn’t it at least not scream like a kid playing with legos?


  5. And oh, my, what was it about people seizing records and trying to relocate the seats of government? I thought that was only Texas where they had shoot-outs and deaths over where the courthouse was going to be moved.


  6. Yazoo county courthouse . Just closed on the historic Thompson house next door to the parking lot! You can see the First United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church in the background.


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