Historic Natchez Foundation Unveils New Website

Although MissPreservation has gotten sleepy this summer, there are still other doings on the internet related to preservation in Mississippi.  Yesterday the Historic Natchez Foundation sent out this press release announcing a long awaited revamped website.  Be sure to visit at http://www.natchez.org


Natchez, Mississippi

August 12, 2019

Since 2018, the Historic Natchez Foundation (HNF) has worked alongside Interactive Hybrid of Baton Rouge to produce a new website. New features allow users to obtain information concerning historic preservation, Natchez history, and local properties. Specifically, users can navigate through the Historic Natchez Map, learn from a selection of educational articles, or stay up-to-date with the revolving News section. Membership renewal has been updated to create a simplified, user-friendly experience with the dedicated Donation Center page. Additionally, scholars, genealogists, and locals can schedule dates and times to conduct research at HNF’s building at 108 South Commerce Street in downtown Natchez via the Research and Collections page.

As the website progressively builds, it will evolve into an important resource for the Natchez community and the state of Mississippi. The Historic Natchez Foundation is excited to make this announcement and hopes the website develops into a tool that amplifies the importance of historic preservation and collections management.


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5 replies

  1. I can open the website page, but when I click a link, it says it cannot find the website.


  2. I’ve checked out the site and all menu items were accessible. Great job!

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  3. the new site is impressive; i know it will now be ‘much more used’ that it was in the past!


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