Name This Place #3

To play this exciting game, see The Rules.

Current Standings: 

  • Carunzel: 3
  • tsj1957: 2
  • doakley: 1
  • Everyone Else: 0 (still plenty of time to catch up!)

Hint: This place has never appeared in Preservation in Mississippi or on my Flickr photostream, but it has been publicized on a prominent list.


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  1. Wesson MIddle School named to the 10 Most Endangered Places in 2001. The Old Wesson School, a two-story brick veneer Romanesque Revival Style building originally built in 1889 and rebuilt in 1893 after it was destroyed by fire, is significant as one of three remaining public buildings associated with Wesson’s historic development fostered by the textile industry.


  2. I missed it by that much (for all the Get Smart fans). I have been in this building. It was still in really good shape after all those years of abandonment. Several years ago, it received a grant from MDAH to restore the building for use by the St. Ambrose Leadership College, which was supposed to partner with Copiah-Lincoln Community College. Does the dog take pity on me with one tiny point?


  3. I say one point, the dog says no, but I’m the boss, you hear me? I’m the boss!!

    For the record, the project is still going, it’s just taking a while for everything to fall in place.


  4. Wow, I’d have had that one if my allergies hadn’t been out to get me this morning. My father is buried in Wesson.


  5. Cut & Paste baby!


  6. I have been inside this school before it was renovated. I graduated from Wesson and was so happy to see them put life back into this beautiful building! Similar thing happened in Brookhaven with the Whitworth buildings.


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