Name That Place 3.1

Here’s the first place in this week’s Name That Place contest. Remember to include the name of the town or community when you answer.


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  1. Whine! This is hard!


  2. Jacinto Courthouse, Alcorn County, b. 1854. Federal style


    • I don’t know that I would call it strictly Federal–it definitely was behind the times, or as we like to say with a smirk “retardataire.” The doors with their flat transoms instead of arched fanlights are more Greek Revival, which would have been a little more hip.


  3. Jacinto Courthouse in Alcorn County


  4. Clean up: Somebody on the Internet says it was built in 1854. National Register says 1850- and that it’s architect/builder is unknown. view profile
    flyfisher64 on Flickr says:

    In 1971, scenes for the independently produced movie “Tomorrow,” with Robert Duvall, were filmed in this courtroom. The movie was adapted from a story by William Faulkner, screenplay by Horton Foote.

    Thank you very much for answering doakley; I’ve felt really stupid (thank you, E.L., for making me feel stupid!)!


  5. Old Tishomingo Courthouse


  6. Well, well, well, looks like we have a little problem. Doakley’s answer appeared first because Theodore’s response was from an unrecognized IP address and was held for moderation. I guess I could give them both a point since they answered almost simultaneously–hmm, wonder what the odds are for that?


  7. Was the town of Jacinto, and thus, the name of the courthouse, named after San Jacinto in Harris County, Texas? (For those not up on Texas History – it was the site of the final battle of the Texas Revolution (won, of course, by the Texans led by Gen. Sam Houston).

    I heard that it was used as a school after it no longer functioned as a courthouse (and then I found a story online that also mentioned that function).


  8. Also just to clear up the issue for sure, this is technically the old Tishomingo County Courthouse. Jacinto was the county seat before Alcorn and Prentiss Counties were sliced off of Tishomingo. So not only was Jacinto demoted from county seat, it also had its county taken away from it.


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