Name This Place #5

To play this exciting game, see The Rules.

Today is the final contest in this series. Today, a winner will emerge (I hope)!

Current Standings:

  • tsj1957: 6 points
  • Carunzel: 4 points
  • doakley: 2 points
  • Everyone Else: Total Losers

Hint: This building is a courthouse, but which one? Since it’s Friday, I give you two pictures.



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  1. I’m first! I’ll be so embarrassed if I’m wrong. It’s the Tippah County Courthouse in Ripley. Those figures are “doughboys”. I don’t know the architect or date or anything else really. But, I’m first!


    • Well doakley finally checked in first today! Just for the record, I did mention I was not in the vicinity of an internet connection yesterday and today, so I should probably deduct doakley’s point just for whining. But I am in a charitable mood.

      Here’s the breakdown for today, as I can reconstruct:
      doakley: 2 (first to identify the building and mention the doughboys [although, seriously, isn’t that obvious? :-)
      tsj1957: 1 (for the architect)
      Carunzel: 1 (for the correct year)
      Tom Barnes: 1 (for joining in the game, welcome!)

      Any arguments/whining (yes, I’m talking to you doakley!)


  2. Tippah County Courthouse


  3. N. W. Overstreet designed this courthouse built in 1929. It has some interesting statuary along the entrances suggestive of World War soldiers.


  4. Sorry doakley, you did say that they were doughboys while I was cut and pasting saying they were suggestive of WWI soldiers. I now know that there are a remarkable number of similar looking courthouses since I had to google search images all the way to ‘T’. You did win today! Congrats


  5. Everything I can find says the building was finished in 1928.

    It has had a lot of issues over the years with ceilings falling in and was renovated 1984-

    This is what a brochure put out by the county supervisors asking for support for the bond issue for renovation says:

    “Original construction of the Tippah County Courthouse was in 1870. In 1927 there were major repairs and additions.”

    This is what the Mississippi Landmark Consideration Report says:

    “Built in 1928 in an eclectic classical style to the designs of architect N. W. Overstreet, the Tippah County Courthouse is significant for being an intact surviving county courthouse of the 1920s and for having served as the seat of justice for Tippah County since its completion.”

    Here is a picture of the 1870 courthouse:

    Is it just a remodel?


  6. Well you can’t trust what you find on the internet can you. Further research indicates that Carunzel is, of course, correct about construction dates. But for the record, I did give the architect information first!

    Have a great weekend everybody. Thanks for the fun game EL.


  7. I protest. I want my point! Where’s my point? What’s this Malvaney up to? Is this thing on? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


  8. Walthall County Courthouse, Tylertown


  9. That’s what I get for posting before reading. It’s Tippah….


  10. Hear, hear! (And I love Overstreet– fils more than pere– but the more I look at this building, the stranger it looks.)


  11. As though it’s a vivisection …


  12. It is a strange building for Overstreet–not necessarily as sophisticated as I might have expected for him in the late 1920s.


  13. That’s one reason why I’m thinking it’s not built from the ground up, but an overhaul (other than that certain people say so!).


  14. Speaking for the “Total Losers” of the internet, my problem was that “I know nothing” just like the guard on Hogan’s Heroes. And truthfully, I’ll soon forget everything learned this week, but I enjoyed the learning and knowledge for at least a little while.



  15. Oh, you’re not a Total Loser, Frank, since you have your own blog where you teach and learn about Fondren’s interesting places. And honestly, I don’t have a very good visual memory of places I’ve never personally seen, so I would be terrible at Name This Place if I hadn’t been the one taking the photos. Don’t tell anyone! :-)


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