Know Downtown Jackson?

In the past several months, I’ve had occasion to be on top of the world–or at least of downtown Jackson–at least four times (that I can remember). Lucky for you I had my trusty camera in hand each time and snapped a few views of the skyline. Can you identify what buildings’ roofs I was standing on?






And don’t forget tonight is the big 10 Most Endangered List Unveiling. Be there or be the most totally square person on the face of the earth!

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  1. Wow, I would really have to spend some time on these. I’ve never had the fortune to be any of those places unless one was a parking garage where I haven’t been since skipping class in high school.

    I’ll have to be square; my daughter has things going on, but I hope you have fun! I can’t wait to read about it.


  2. I guarantee none of these are on top of parking garages.


  3. No. 1: That old firehouse cum Chamber of Commerce Building.
    No. 2: That old electric building.
    No. 3: That reasonably nice but nothing special new Capitol Building.
    No. 4: That new LEEDS certified Pinnacle at Jackson Place.

    Those are my guesses.


  4. Correct, correct, correct, INCORRECT


  5. That curvy building on Capitol Street (think it’s 178 East Capitol)?


  6. Landmark? (the name, not the designation)


  7. I can only guess that it’s 178 East Capitol. I’m going to guess that this was not taken from the AT&T building because that’s across the street. I can’t seem to find anything more than the street address for the building. Am I totally off base? You weren’t in a helicopter…..or were you?


  8. I was flying the helicopter with one hand and taking great photos with the other :-)

    No, in fact, I was standing on the roof of the curvy building known as the Landmark Center. I believe the address is 175 E. Capitol, so you were very close. The little blur in the bottom left corner is the edge of the parapet, which I didn’t really want to get too close to. Although not very scared of heights, I’m not that brave.

    Good job on catching that it was on the other side of Capitol Street though, because I think I had a little zoom lens going on which makes it look like I might have been parachuting into the middle of the Capitol/Lamar intersection.


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