Name That Place 3.3

Alright, yesterday’s place was easier than I thought, and we’re still left with a four-way tie. Today, we’ll see who’s been paying special attention to MissPres lately. Possibly this one is too easy.

The current standings are:

doakley: 2 point
Theodore: 2 point
Carunzel: 2 point
JRGordon: 2 point

Remember that the first person to guess the place correctly can also grab and extra point by giving further information such as the architect, builder, date of construction, other buildings in the state by the same architect or in the same style, etc. Since everyone only has two points, someone completely new could come along and get in the game without much trouble.


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  1. Riverview, Columbus, Lowndes County. built c. 1850. NHL. James Lull, architect


  2. Ok, too easy, but I wanted to see if anyone was actually looking at the sidebar. Now I know!

    Theodore has now taken his first lead ever, I believe, and Carunzel has pulled into second.

    I believe the Lowndes CH is an attribution for Lull–no firm documentation as far as I know, but I’m sure something will come up.


  3. From Columbus’s “Driving Tour” publication (found at )

    “Riverview is built with a Tennessee Federal exterior of
    handmade 11 ½-pound brick, and features identical front
    and rear entrances. Inside, a graceful spiral staircase rises
    to a cupola with floor-to-ceiling stained-glass windows and
    a captain’s walk. It was designed by architect James S. Lull,
    and modeled after Lull’s home, Camellia Place. The plasterwork in this home is renowned for its elegance. Built as the residence for Col. Charles McLaran, Riverview extended over an entire city block at the time of completion.”


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