Name This Place #4

To play this exciting game, see The Rules.

We got ourselves a competition going!

Current Standings:

  • Carunzel: 4
  • tsj1957: 4
  • doakley: 2
  • Everyone Else: 0 (still time to catch up!)

Hint: This building is in the Delta.

Note: I’m going to have only intermittent access to the internet today and tomorrow (yeah, weird, huh?). So don’t be alarmed if I’m mysteriously quiet for a while–just talk amongst yourselves and I’ll be around presently to hand out points.


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6 replies

  1. Clarksdale Civic Auditorium–built as a WPA project in 1939 and designed by none other than Jackson architect E.L. Malvaney.

    Yes cut and past, but why recreate when the best has already written it so well.


    • Alright, ya’ll, tsj pulls ahead again! Tomorrow’s the key, and it will not be a building I have discussed on the blog or on Flickr. May the best man/person/preservationist win!


  2. No way did you beat me by five minutes! No fair!


  3. What is she supposed to be holding? It looks like a deco skyscraper.



  1. Documenting the New Deal in Clarksdale: Civic Auditorium « Preservation in Mississippi

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