Getting geared up for the Big Event

Tomorrow, we’ll start our fourth Name This Place contest, an exciting time in the life of all MissPresers. It’s been a while since we’ve had a contest, and I know we’ve had a number of new readers join our group since then. For those of you who have come around these parts since the last contest, the basic gist is that a picture of a building in Mississippi will be posted each day (this week, the posting will occur at 9 AM each morning), and the first person to identify the building wins a point. Readers who identify other pieces of information about the building after the initial identification also get a point, so there is more than one opportunity per day to grab a point. At the end of the week, we hand out the title Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire to the person with the most points.

If you’d like to do a little research on Name That Place to plan your strategy, first check out The Rules, then scroll through previous contests: Name This Place 3, Name This Place 2.

I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow morning!

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