Name That Place 3.2

Ok, after yesterday’s snafu, I’ve tossed and turned all night trying to decide what to do about points, and after consulting with my dog, I’ve finally decided to just give both doakley and Theodore a point. HOWEVER, from now on, if your comment gets stuck in moderation because you’ve never posted before (after your first time posting you should be ok), or if, like Theodore, you comment without leaving your e-mail and get stuck in moderation, that’s just too bad–no more Mr. Nice Guy, I tell ya!

So, here’s the standings:

doakley: 1 point
Theodore: 1 point
Carunzel:1 point
JRGordon: 1 point

And that, Folks, is called a four-way tie. Now let’s separate the men/women from the boys/girls. Today I give you not one but two images of the same building–but which building, and where?



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  1. Old Tishomingo County Courthouse in Iuka, MS


  2. Old Tishomingo Courthouse, Iuka, MS. Built 1888-1889. Lundie Weathers, architect. Now the Tishomingo County archives and history museum.


  3. National Register: Old Tishomingo County Courthouse (added 1973 – Building – #73001026)
    NE corner of Quitman and Liberty Sts., Iuka

    Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering
    Architect, builder, or engineer: Weaver,J.T., Weathers,L.M.
    Period of Significance: 1875-1899


  4. I thought I’d fake everyone out with a second Old Tishomingo Courthouse, but you figured me out–good job all around!


  5. Still some architectural information about this building that might be hard to find, but a historic photo would be a good start.


  6. I do not like this 11 o’clock posting thing, I lose my early morning edge. I don’t know how to link to the photo, but it appears the building used to include a tower and an elaborate roofline.



  7. It’s always complain complain with you! You get a point though for finding a historic photo that explains the rather gangly appearance of the building. And I say “gangly” with complete love and respect for the building of course.


  8. I value the blog.Thanks Again. Want more.


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