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I realize that most of my loyal readers will be busy with other things the rest of this week, including making food, eating food, wrapping gifts, unwrapping gifts, eating food, and hopefully spending a few quiet moments of fellowship around a lighted tree with friends and family.

But to keep the rest of you occupied and off the streets, I’ve devised the most devilishly difficult downtown Jackson details quiz EVER! No more Mr. Nice Guy with my too-easy contests–I’m convinced that this one will puzzle even the most proud downtowner. If you are able to correctly identify the buildings that belong to all of the following details, you will earn the coveted title, Person With Way Too Much Time On His/Her Hands.

Have fun!






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  1. Boo-hoo, that’s too hard! I’m off to Trinidad for some sun (and my brother’s wedding). Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings, y’all!


  2. No 2 is Jackson City Hall


  3. Is the last one Lamar Life? The preceding one is a church- I’m going to guess Roman Catholic, but the name is escaping me. I know you have shown us pics of it before.


  4. Nope not Lamar Life–same style, different place. And yes, the fourth one is a church, but not the RC. I’m not sure I’ve ever shown a picture of it here.


  5. I think the last picture is First Baptist Church (looking into the playground).


  6. I know #3 is the old baptist church now owned by Galloway Methodist. Right?


  7. IS #1 AmSouth? I thought they’d removed the brise-soleil.


  8. Is no. 1 at the law school?


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