Name That Place 3.5

My goal in the Name That Place contest is always to stump everyone completely, but as usual I have failed this week to stump our expert architecture lovers out there. Congratulations for making me a failure and contributing to my low self-esteem.

After two days of a 4-way tie, one day with a clear leader, we were back into a tie for the lead yesterday between Theodore and Carunzel. But earlier this morning, Carunzel grabbed the bonus point to pull into a slight lead. This final round will determine who will attain the title of Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire. May the best person win!

If you need a reminder of the rules, click here.

Current Standings:

Carunzel: 6 points
Theodore: 5 points
JRGordon: 4 points
doakley: 2 points


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  1. Governor Hugh L.White house in Columbia. Nice one!


  2. Alright Tom! A point for you! Wondered if you were around this week–getting geared up for next week probably?


  3. Built 1925-26. Architect, C.H. Lindsley.


  4. I like this quote: “Designed by C.H. Lindsley and furnished by Mar­shall Field of Chicago, the Governor Hugh L. White mansion has been referred to as Mississippi’s finest residential example of the Spanish Revival Style. Circa 1925.”

    Enh. We have some nice ones in Belhaven, too. And there were some off West Capitol. And on the coast. But it is fine.


    • Lol, I know the feeling of having to write a description that doesn’t quite say “this is the finest” but also doesn’t offend the owner. Phrases like “this has been called,” “tradition has it,” “it is said that . . . ,” or “many believe” can fudge that line and still allow the writer to feel somewhat professionally responsible.

      That being said, it is commonly believed that my house is the best Minimal Traditional style house in the state.


  5. Is the right side a later addition? It looks like they tried to copy the style, but notice the differences in the windows and the roof line.



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