Chance to Earn Extra Points

Yesterday, through much searching, Carunzel came up with the architect and builder of the Washington County Courthouse. You can add an extra point to your score if you are able to name one of the other buildings constructed in the state by that builder and add a link to a photograph of the building you name (yes, I’ve checked and there are lots of pictures of these buildings available on the internet). There are at least two well-known buildings.

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  1. Not in Mississippi…sorry, I just reread the rules.


  2. Man, I really wanted one of those extra credit points. Unfortunately most of what I know is simply from recalling the things I have seen around the state over the years. I am lousy at resarch. After many frustrating clicks I gave up and decided to go do something I am good at, like cleaning the bathroom. Enjoyed learning from all the others posts, and my bathtub really sparkles now. :)


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