Tylertown Craftsman

Now that our Craftsman in Mississippi series has been going for a year, I’m going to leave it to you, the MissPres experts, to tell me all the attributes of this Craftsman stunner that are almost enough to make me quit my Jackson job and move to little Tylertown in Walthall County. As an added benefit, I could sit on my front porch and look across Broad Street just north of downtown at a 1930s Overstreet and Town school building.

Tylertown Craftsman1

Tylertown Craftsman3

Tylertown Craftsman2


Can’t get enough of Craftsman?

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  1. And if you do, I would adore the chance to sip a cup of coffee on that lovely porch and gaze at the Overstreet and Town school, too.


  2. That porch railing!!! Those windows! Careful, Wesley’s working emergency medicine in Tylertown …, but if you do decide to go, I think you should get a new front door, with lights.


  3. Nice house, indeed. I can’t tell from the photograph, but does the front door have windows that were painted? But it is probably a replacement for the original door.


  4. Yes, the front door appears to be a boring replacement, and would be perhaps the only thing I would change if I had a chance. Yes, that porch railing is trippy, isn’t it?


  5. Tylertown has some great architectural gems. We are constantly surprised by what might be tucked in a side street.

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  6. My family moved into this house when I was about 5. My dad sold it to a relative who treasures most things historical when I was about 42. That is not the original door, but I don’t remember windows in the door as a child. A wonderful former boss in Washington, DC purchased a published book of Sears & Roebuck home blueprints which included the blueprint for his house and this one. It was built from that blueprint but used heart pine from the old post office, if I remember correctly. The house has a wooded, artesian-fed creek behind it and a schoolyard in front of it. What a childhood!

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