Craftsman Porches of Yazoo City

Our Craftsman series usually focuses on the Craftsman bungalows found in even the smallest of Mississippi towns. But you don’t need a whole house to show your Craftsman style–sometimes a great porch will do the trick. Maybe you didn’t even have a new house, but you could easily keep up with the fashions by building a Craftsman porch onto your old house. Maybe your old porch was getting rickety, or maybe you just couldn’t stand all those old-fashioned Victorian details, or maybe momma just wanted a bigger porch. Presto-chango, just put on a new Craftsman porch, easy as kiss my foot.

Yazoo City has some great examples of this phenomenon. I’ll bet your town does too, if you can spot them.

This Craftsman, Stick-like, porch is original to the otherwise Gothic-Revival church, built in 1906 after the great fire that burned down much of central Yazoo City. This makes it a very early Craftsman detail in the state, probably because it was designed by a firm from Cleveland, Ohio, named Badgley & Nicklas. The porch makes a nod to the Gothic with a very flattened Tudor arch, but look at those big chunky triangular braces and carved rafters!

314 N. Washington Street, c.1925

This porch is also original to this 1925 bungalow, but the porch does all the talking here. Love those amazing exaggerated piers growing out of the ground almost to a sharp point where it meets the roof.

Yazoo City Craftsman Porches04

Attached to a Folk Victorian L-front house, probably built around 1900, is a c.1930 Craftsman porch. Notice the battered brick piers rising out of the ground, but not as exaggerated as the above house. I like the way the spandrel seems to flow directly from the piers and finishes the porch openings off nicely. The low wall was good for extra seating when needed.


Can’t get enough of Craftsman?

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4 replies

  1. I love love love photo number 1, and here is a porch that I would live on! I love porches, but that 1925 awesome porch in the second picture really wows me.


  2. The church is gorgeous! 2nd photo of home with lovely porch is inviting. I never have noticed a porch like the last photo with the brick piers on the corners. Good post!


  3. I could easily move into #2 as well. But it is #3 that tugs my heart strings. I want to fix it, poor thing! (Just to note: one of my mother’s favorite expressions was “kiss my foot” so I had to laugh when I read that part :) )


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