Mississippi Craftsman: Purvis Women’s Club

Suzassippi’s post last week about the Mississippi Federation of Women’s Club building in Jackson reminded me of this sweet little Craftsman house that I photographed a couple years ago in Purvis. I assume it was originally a residence (it’s called “Barrow House” on the sign, so maybe the Barrows lived here?), but now it’s the well-maintained home of the Purvis Women’s Club, a member of the MFWC. Craftsman-style homes near downtowns (this one is across from the public school campus) are so easy to work with that they make good candidates for adaptive re-use. Although a simple, middle-class building, this one has great details, from the carved rafters, triangular knee braces, 9/1 wood windows, and the neat geometries of the door, sidelights, and transom. A peek through the door showed a nice columnar screen between the living and dining rooms.


Can’t get enough of Craftsman?

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  1. Isn’t this beautiful!!! The ladies in Purvis are doing a lovely job taking care of this. Pretty inside and out.


  2. I wonder if this is an earlier building that received a craftsman update? Might have to checkout the sanborn maps to find out.


  3. It is beautiful and something to be proud of belonging to. I could sit a spell on that porch with a glass of tea.


  4. This house is my daddy’s home where he grew up with his parents and 2 sisters. I have spent many days and nights there as a child coming to visit my grandmother. My dad went to the elementary school across the street. My maiden name is Barrow. If you would like more information about this home, please message me on here and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thanks for posting!


  5. Yes, the Barrows did live there! That’s my grandparents house. My dad was raised in that house, along with his 2 older sisters. I used to visit my grandmother who lived there every summer! I have lots of fond memories there as a child. I can tell you lots more. I believe I have some pictures of the house as well. I live in Atlanta, so haven’t been back there since my grandmother passed in August 1990.


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