Craftsman in Mississippi: Terry Bungalow

I don’t know anything about this little bungalow on Cunningham Street in Terry, south of Jackson, except that the geometry of the gable ends made me stop in the post office parking lot across the street and snap these pictures. It seems like the “half-timbering” of the gable ends is filled with asphalt siding? Check out the rare and interesting brick pattern, which I had to google to find out is called a “rat-trap bond,” composed of bricks laid on edge in a pattern in the family of Flemish bond. I also like the paired little columns squeezed atop the tall brick piers, and the way the knee wall encloses the porch and ties everything together. Add in the exposed rafters, decorative purlins in the front, and “Chicago-type” triple windows under the porch, and you have a stylish house without being flashy or overbearing.


Can’t get enough of Craftsman?

Categories: Architectural Research


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  1. Wow! Several very interesting details I haven’t seen before!


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