Lameuse Street Craftsman

Yesterday’s Facebook post by the MDAH Historic Preservation Division indicated that the Lameuse Street Historic District in Biloxi has been recommended by the Mississippi National Register Review Board for listing on the National Register.

That reminded me that there are several interesting Craftsman-style houses on Lameuse, and I offer three of them here for your Friday viewing pleasure.

Lameuse Street Craftsmen02

Notice how the roof flares in a curve over the porch, a nod to the Japanese influence in the Craftsman style. The battered (tapering) porch supports that rise from the ground level and the exposed eaves and purlins are also dead giveaways for the Craftsman style.

Lameuse Street Craftsmen01

Decorative purlins in the front gable end and exposed rafters are typical of even modest Craftsman homes. The paired and battered columns atop tall brick piers is another common technique.

Lameuse Street Craftsmen03

This is one of my favorites! A Craftsman shotgun house with a flared side gable, triangular knee braces, decorative purlins, exposed rafters, 3/1 windows, paired porch columns with stickwork detailing, and brick piers that rise from the ground. All that in a little shotgun!


Can’t get enough of Craftsman?

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  1. These are some photos of our family home on Lameuse Street built in 1923 by my great grandparents Edward Caillavet and Anna Collins Caillavet. My grandmother lived here until she was married, my dad was born in this house, and I lived here as a baby. It was sad to have to sell after Katrina but the neighborhood isn’t the greatest and finances needed to be directed to our primary residences. My grandparents also owned the adjacent property where their construction company was located and still own a lot across the street.



  2. The Craftsman style has become a favorite of mine; thank you for sharing these. Each one is so different yet identifies with the style.


  3. The pipe rails are a favorite of mine! Too often get tossed and replaced with frilly home supply box store garbage. Hattiesburg has a great house that takes use of pipe rails to the extreme.


  4. Wow – my ancestors, the Harkness and Morris families lived on Lameause Street. They were architects and engineers in the area – Thanks for posting.


  5. I would love to know more about the history of this street. We love all of the houses there! Many sadly look like they need repair.


  6. I am a descendant of Lavina Apollina La Meuse, daughter of Rene’ La Meuse. Lavina married my great great grandfather Urbain Laroussini and I am looking for information about the LaMeuse family.
    Thank you.

    Gordon Laroussini


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