Month: March 2013

Munsell v. The Color Orange

First developed at the turn of the 20th century, Munsell color tools are used for producing physical color standards across a wide range of industries and disciplines to communicate color easily and accurately.  Often Preservationist and Conservators use the Munsell Color… Read More ›

Deupree’s Historic Homes: Mount Salus

The building is fashioned after the style of the old English manor-houses: square built, with wide windows, broad, heavy doors, and solid floors. The doors bear the marks of spurs and bayonets made by Grant’s soldiers as they tried in vain to force their way into stores and mansion, when on the raid from Vicksburg to Jackson in 1863.

Happy Rosenwald Day!

March 22 is to be observed as Rosenwald School Day in Mississippi in the 3,416 negro schools of the state, when special programs covering all phases of negro education and community endeavor will be presented.

Time for a Change

Over the weekend, we’re going to be fiddling around behind the scenes here on MissPres hopefully to bring a new look to the blog. Back when we switched to this format in 2011, we wanted to create a site that… Read More ›

Spring Pilgrimage 2013 Rolls Around

Spring Pilgrimage time is upon us, and here’s a list of all the known Mississippi home tours, along with a few out-of-state that you might be interested in. Old house and architecture buffs should be first in line for pilgrimage tickets each year.

The Living New Deal Project

The Living New Deal Project, University of California-Berkeley, is an ambitious project with two primary goals: to map and describe every New Deal Project in the United States in one location, easily accessible to people, and to publicize how we… Read More ›