Month: May 2013

Mississippi Hills

Take a little time as you sip your Friday morning or afternoon beverage to watch the Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area’s promotional video. Maybe you’ll catch sight of a place you want to go visit in person.

Deupree’s Historic Homes: Malmaison

Today’s post is a reprint from Mrs. N.D. Deupree’s “Some Historic Homes of Mississippi,” from Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Vol. VI (1902). For more about Malmaison and its tragic loss to fire, see Lost Mississippi: Malmaison. Malmaison Malmaison,… Read More ›

MissPres News Roundup 5-6-2013

Happy Preservation Month! A couple of our stories relate to events being held this month – some specifically noting that they are for Preservation Month, others that aren’t, but are still in pretty cool historic places. First up is this… Read More ›