Name This Place 9.3.1

The Name This Place contest heated up yesterday. The last post of the day, Jacinto Courthouse, which is on the 101 Places list, turned out to be the stumper for the day, with a late-night entry by Belinda winning the prize. Here’s a recap of the places and the points earned:

Name This Place 9.2.1–Central High School, Jackson (gstone)
Name This Place 9.2.2–St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Yazoo City (Thomas)
Name This Place 9.2.3–Jacinto (old Tishomingo) Courthouse (Belinda)

Current Standings: (let me know if I’ve missed a point here or there–lots of answers to sift through!)

  • JRGordon: 6
  • Cindy Hornsby: 5
  • gstone: 3
  • Belinda: 3
  • Suzassippi: 2
  • Thomas: 2
  • jeb: 1
  • Neel Reid: 1

Maybe a couple of change-ups today after the fastballs of yesterday–who will be able to hit them out of the park?

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11 replies

  1. Red door and steeply pitched gables… must be an Episcopal church in the Carpenter Gothic style. That’s all I’ve got.


  2. Iuka, Episcopal Church ?


  3. Hmm or a Lutheran church… they tend to paint their doors red to represent the blood of Christ a lot.


  4. Grace Episcopal in Canton


  5. St. John’s Episcopal Church in Ocean Springs. Constructed in 1892 (MDAH year 1891 from St. John’s Site) “based on the design of the Church of the Ascension in Rockville Center, Long Island, New York, by Manly N. Cutter, a New York architect, which was published in The Churchman (July 11, 1891). The plans were prepared by the Rev. Nelson Ayers” (I figured looking things up was cheating)


  6. Pretty cool! Church was built of native leaf yellow pine, in the 1890’s Louis Sullivan was a winter visitor of ocean springs and it is said his talent can be detected in the details of design. Finest example of high Victorian gothic structure built entirely of wood in the state.


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