Name This Place 9.2.2

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  1. Is that the Jewish Temple in Port Gibson?


  2. Episcopal Church in Vicksburg?… Romanesque arch…


  3. church in Port Gibson?


  4. St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Yazoo City


  5. Recessed entry with souble-leaf wood doors each with three vertical panels over three horizontal panels below an arched stained glass transom. Surrounding the entry is a series of graduated arches (terra cotta I think) featuring decorative scroll work and a dentil details. The arches are anchored by pilasters with Corinthian capitols


    • Yes, an unglazed terra cotta–really beautiful! The supports are better termed “engaged columns” since they’re rounded like columns rather than flat like pilasters. In a real Romanesque church, this whole entry would be called a “portal” and would be the primary decorative feature of the building, These recall Christ’s “I am the Door,” and would be filled with iconic carvings usually showing the Last Judgment (, and for scale of what all those little details really are: This portal on St. Mary’s is the main emphasis, but also competes with two corner towers, and of course features classical details rather than religious symbols.


  6. I wish I could have used this image for the word of the week post on Dentils.


  7. I can’t play because I don’t know MS buildings. But I just wanted to comment on what a beautiful entryway this is – great picture!


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