Name This Place 9.3.2

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  1. The rear entrance at Rosalie Mansion in Natchez. From MDAH: built in 1820-1823 by Peter Little. Designed by James Shryach Griffin, Little’s Brother-in-Law


  2. I can’t believe you beat me to that one – it’s because I was at Walgreen’s getting allergy medicine for all this darn ligustrum that’s blooming. And now my brain is too dull to think of clever facts, but I do love the way the cypress steps are worn down by use. Also, Rosalie is one of the Natchez mansions that retains its use of painted canvas over the decking on the upstairs rear gallery to make the porches more waterproof. We found evidence that they had been used at Melrose and have replaced those on the Kitchen and Dairy buildings. I also love the covered walkway that extends back to the 2-story Kitchen building at Rosalie (with slave quarters upstairs).


    • Excuses excuses, Kathleen! I threw you a softball and you weren’t even looking!

      I do love those solid wood steps–amazing! Didn’t know that about the canvas–fascinating! So many uses for canvas, as I found out while reading my favorite nautical series, the Aubrey/Maturin books.


  3. Malvaney Ive noticed that we have yet to see a single leaf door. Unless you count the third door at the Hattiesburg PO, and the third and fourth doors at Central High. What do you have against stand alone single leaf doors?!!! ;-)


  4. And here I was thinking we were going to able to guess song lyrics at some point during this contest. :-D


    • My household growing up was heavy on big band and jazz era tunes, so any song lyric contest I was in charge of would be sadly skewed.

      “You’ve got to spread joy up to the maximum
      Bring gloom down to the minimum
      Have faith or pandemonium’s
      Liable to walk upon the scene” :-)


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