Month: May 2012

Recent MDAH Grant Awards

Saw two press releases on the MDAH website worth separating out from the usual Roundup (especially since these two stories make up the bulk of the news since the last roundup). The first was one titled “MDAH Awards Grants at… Read More ›

Taborian Hospital Project Update

Work on the restoration and renovation of Mound Bayou’s Taborian Hospital–slated to become the Taborian Urgent Care Center–is finally making visual progress after several months of planning and development.  The plywood is off the doors and some of the windows,… Read More ›


Congratulations to Preservation in Mississippi and the MissPres universe for sticking around for this, the 1000th post :-)

Which Preservation Organization?

In case you’ve missed it, a fairly robust conversation has sprung up in the comments to Monday’s discouraging post about Ceres Plantation and its destruction-minded owners, the Warren County Port Commission. In addition to comments about the irrationality of the… Read More ›

A Little Contest

A while back at Preservation In Pink Kaitlin had a little quiz to identify a specific material, which turned out to be plaster scored to give the appearance of ceramic tile.  I thought that it would be fun to have… Read More ›

MissPres News Roundup 5-7-2012

I hope everyone is thinking about the different Historic Preservation Month related events that are on the calendar. Late April saw a slew of stories around the nation on the anniversary of last year’s tornado outbreak.  While most of these… Read More ›

Progress in Haiti

Back in 2010 Malvaney ran a post entitled Paying it forward to Haiti.  Recently Architectural Record posted an article regarding the restoration of the Iron Market in Port-au-Prince, Haiti which, once you’ve seen the images of the structure after the… Read More ›