Polling in the Center

We’ve polled in three of the four corners of the state (Natchez, Coast, Northeast), so I figure it’s time to move back to the center. Today, we’ll open the poll for what I think of as the Yazoo Bluffs region–Carrollton, Lexington, Yazoo City, and Madison County. Ok, Madison is not quite on the bluffs, but I couldn’t leave it in the Jackson poll without making that poll so long it would be exhausting.

Today’s list includes a workable total of 27 options (someone double-check me please!), of which you need to choose the 13 that you think should be considered for the final list of 101 Mississippi Places to See Before You Die. Below you will find the list linked to at least a picture and, if available, other resources to help you perform due diligence before you vote. Or, you can be a good American and just skip all that diligence stuff and vote without any prior knowledge.

As in previous polls, this list was gathered from readers comments in the open suggestion period, and if you missed the chance to suggest then, sorry, too late now.

Carrollton/Lexington/Yazoo City/Madison area

This poll will close in two weeks, Friday, April 8, 2011 around midnight. Go to it!

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  1. The image for the Wohner House links to a picture of the Mosby House. Its next door and certainly worthy of inclusion on such a list.


  2. Thanks–got that mixed up last night as I was trying to come up with a few more Canton properties and it was late. I’ve made the change to Mosby, which is what I meant to say the first time. But I’ve also added Wohner and connected it to the right image this time. So now we have 27 properties, which is ok.


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