Even More Spring Preservation Events Galore!

In case you haven’t been keeping track of the Mississippi Heritage Trust’s home page, they’ve announced that this year’s unveiling of the 10 Most Endangered Places List will take place at a gala event on Thursday, April 28. This list is published every other year, and MHT throws a bash to kick off the publicity campaigns that will hopefully bring some much-needed attention to the chosen sites. I am crossing my fingers for some of the historic places we’ve been paying close attention to here on MissPres: Mt. Holly, Prospect Hill, Spain House, Ceres Plantation, Oldfields . . .

Here’s the announcement:

On April 28th the new list of the 10 Most Endangered Historic Places will be announced at Duling School in the Fondren area of Jackson. The gala event will be held from 7 to 10 p.m. and feature the announcement, silent auction of art work based on each of the sites and weekend getaway packages around the state. More information about the event and ticket purchase will be posted soon.

Since you’ll be staying overnight in Jackson anyway, why not plan to attend the Historic Homeowner’s Workshop on Friday?

The annual Experience Mississippi Historic Preservation Conference will be held on April 29th in Jackson at the Old Capitol museum. This year the conference will focus on historic home ownership with case studies from homeowners who have completed rehabilitations of historic houses, tax credit information for historic homes, and energy efficiency. The keynote speaker at lunch will be Matthew Pelz from the Galveston Historic Foundation who will talk about a recent green rehabilitation they did there on a house they own. More information on the conference and registration will be posted soon.

Also, if you’re in or near the Delta, don’t forget this announcement that Mound Bayou Mayor Kennedy Johnson made a while back about the fundraising banquet for the Taborian Hospital:

We are having a fundraising Banquet on March 26, 2011 at the Mound Bayou Facility Building at 7:00pm to raise funds to offset assessments, minor preservation and to secure an architect to develop plan for the renovation of the Taborian Hospital and other historical properties in Mound Bayou. Please assist by asking your friends your church and others to support this effect by donating to Saving Our Legacy Empowers (SOLE). For more information email mayorjohnson2001@yahoo.com or call the Mound Bayou City Hall at 662-741-2194

And if all that isn’t enough for you, don’t forget the Mississippi AIA’s “Mississippi Celebrates Architecture,” which will include an exhibit of modern architecture through photography, an Art By Architects exhibit, and a symposium examining the question:

“In an age of diminishing resources, how do we balance the need for Technical Performance with the value of Cultural Expression?”

The symposium takes place at the War Memorial Building next Thursday, March 31, beginning at 8:30 AM. An opening reception follows at 5:30 PM at Jackson’s Municipal Art Gallery on N. State Street. The exhibits will be open to the public April 1-30 at the Municipal Art Gallery.

Don’t go running off just yet! This just in–and a little last minute on my part–the Jackson County Historical & Genealogical Society is hosting its second annual “Fete La Pointe” tomorrow, March 25, to raise funds for the restoration of the Old Spanish Fort (more properly named La Pointe-Krebs House):

"Old French Fort" (HABS photo 1936)

The event is black-tie optional and will feature welcoming music by a string quartet from the Mississippi Youth Orchestra, followed by Zydeco music provided by Sun Pie Barnes and the Louisiana Sun Spots.  French menu by Scranton’s includes savory and sweet crepes, creme brulee, Scallops Jacques, coq -a-vin and more.  Wine is provided by E. and J. Gallo Winery. Click here for Fête Menu.Location: Grand Magnolia Ballroom & Suites,  3604 Magnolia Street, Pascagoula

Tickets are $50 and will go on sale March 1 at the main offices of Merchants and Marine Bank and Hancock Bank in Pascagoula.

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  1. April Fooling your readers Malvaney? March 31 is Thursday, April 1 is Friday…I believe the AIA events are on Thursday, March 31, but I could be wrong.


  2. Well, if you would keep up with each day’s blog posting, you would have caught that last week when it came out . . . . Nevertheless, I’ve made the correction above. Thanks for catching it, even if it was woefully late in the process :-)


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