Month: April 2011

Name This Place 7: Results!

In the final day of last week’s Name This Place contest, martin seigrist was able to correctly identify the Administration Building on the campus of the University of South Mississippi.  W. White shared a plethora of information including the building’s… Read More ›

Name This Place 7.3.1

In yesterday’s posts, martin seigrist took the first points by correctly identifying the First Baptist Church in Canton.  JRGordon identified the building’s architect as R.H. Hunt, while W. White picked up a point for calling out other Mississippi buildings designed by… Read More ›

Name This Place 7.2.1

In yesterday’s first post, W. White became our first leader with two points by correctly identifying the capitals of the Old Capitol in Jackson and its architect William Nichols.  JRGordon followed up with information regarding the construction and subsequent restorations… Read More ›

Name This Place 7.1.1

If you’re just joining us, you’ve picked a great time. We’re at the very start of our Name This Place: Capitol Edition contest, wherein MissPres readers battle for the much-coveted title of Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire. At the end of the… Read More ›

Central Poll Results

I’m taking the liberty of posting on Sunday because this coming week, beginning tomorrow, we have a whole new round of our popular but lately neglected Name This Place contest. This time we’re offering a whole new twist, and I… Read More ›