Coast Poll Results

On schedule, our Coast poll shut down around midnight Friday night, with a final total of 4,191 votes. This number is in the range of the Natchez total of 4,502 votes, so it’s good to see so much participation and fairly uniform so far too.

While, at the halfway point, the four Hancock County properties held enormous leads over the rest of the pack, down the homestretch, Fort Massachusetts, Beauvoir, and the Biloxi Lighthouse came back with a vengeance to take the lead. Walter Anderson’s Ocean Springs Community Center and Old Spanish Fort in Pascagoula also had strong late showings to pull up just behind the Hancock County properties. The fantastic Gryder House and Louis Sullivan’s Charnley House also moved up into the top tier, but the lovely and elegant Pinecote Pavilion only made it to the upper part of the lower tier. One of my personal favorites, St. Michael’s Church, remained way down on the list.

Overall though, at least the final results are a little more reasonable than where everything stood at the halfway point, with the percentages not quite as widely spaced as before. And, in a similar way to the Natchez poll, the bulk of the votes came in the second week, so maybe that will be the trend, as word takes a while to get around, even in this supposedly instant internet age.

I wish that we had been able to vote for some of our lost friends, Tullis topping out that list, but such is life in Hurricane Alley. *sigh*

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  1. Good to see Pincecote Pavilion up there. It’s always interesting to see how these things turn out. What’s next? Central, West, or North?


  2. I’m thinking about going way up to the northeast, Corinth, Tishomingo, Tupelo and such. Something different.


  3. We are having a fundraising Banquet on March 26, 2011 at the Mound Bayou Facility Building at 7:00pm to raise funds to offset assessments, minor preservation and to secure an architect to develop plan for the renovation of the Taborian Hospital and other historical properties in Mound Bayou. Please assist by asking your friends your church and others to support this effect by donating to Saving Our Legacy Empowers (SOLE). For more information email or call the Mound Bayou City Hall at 662-741-2194


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