Month: February 2011

Spring Pilgrimage Time

JRGordon’s note about the pilgrimage in yesterday’s News Roundup reminded me that it is indeed about that time of year. In fact, with the crazily warm weather we’ve been having, it looks like the pilgrimages better get going soon before… Read More ›

Out-of-State Architects and Mississippi Architecture from “The American School and University” 1928-1934

Yesterday’s post, “Mississippi Architects and Architecture from ‘The American School and University’ 1928-1934,” covered Mississippi architects and the school buildings they designed in Mississippi (and occasionally elsewhere). Since architectural practices rarely stay inside state lines, today’s post contains the listings… Read More ›

A Nerdy Milestone

I had really hoped to catch a screenshot when we hit 100,000 views on the dot, but I missed it entirely. Oh well, that’s what vacation is for. Maybe the next 100,000 won’t take 2 years.