New Lease on Life for Rodney Presbyterian?

For some years, I know we’ve all been watching with interest and concern the semi-ghost town of Rodney and its most prominent landmark, Rodney Presbyterian Church, built in 1829. Frequent floods and constant neglect placed it on one of the Mississippi Heritage Trust’s first 10 Most Endangered lists in 2003. The church’s owners, the United Daughters of Confederacy, haven’t been able to dedicate any attention to it for a few decades, and finally, about a year ago, they offered it for sale. In response, a group of dedicated preservationists formed the Rodney History & Preservation Society and obtained non-profit status.

Hopefully things may be looking up because yesterday, the RHPS made an exciting announcement. If you love Rodney, consider being part of the solution and pitching in to save this iconic Mississippi building.

More about Rodney . . .

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4 replies

  1. a special ms bldg—good luck to all involved in its preservation.


  2. Can they raise it? It seems to flood every few months.


  3. In the early 1980s, the Beta Club of Jackson Preparatory looked at working on the church as a service project. The officers (including me) drove down to look over the building and the graveyard. Both were in such bad shape at the time – pews were all broken and piled in a corner; we saw no pulpit; and we had trouble even finding most of the grave stones up the hill behind. We concluded that clean up and restoration was far beyond the means of callow high school boys (at least for the boys WE could muster).

    There have been MANY incremental improvements since – thankfully. Now, we may see even more.


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