Water Rising in Rodney

According to Walt Grayson’s Facebook post, the Mississippi River is expected to crest this week at Rodney, where the water was already inside Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Sunday.

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  1. A Major Flood is coming down the Mississippi River.
    It is due to Crest in Vicksburg on Friday, will Crest at Rodney about a day later.
    Bonnie Carre Spillway, located upstream from New Orleans, was opened a few days past.
    Talk of opening Morganza, located up stream from Baton Rouge and across the Mississippi River from Woodville, Mississippi, Morganza, to my knowledge, has not been opened at this time.
    Sam P


  2. Does anybody know the complete story with the church? I’d love to be able to save it by moving it onto the property at Belmont and restoring it. I don’t think it will last, being at its current location…


  3. I posted a few photographs of the church interior from December 2013:

    It looked reasonably sound then, but I have not been back since then to check it or any other buildings in Rodney.


  4. The Mississippi River is at Crest at vicksburg at about 50.2 Feet. It is a long Crest and will be three or Four days before significant fall is noticed. It is still at Crest at Greenville. The Crest will rech Rodney on Saturday, It looks pretty Good, The Missisipspi Crested at Cairo about Seven – Eight Days past and has dropped approx Ten feet.
    Sam P


  5. I would be available to help repair damage to Rodney. I still think the State of Mississippi should acquire the property and make it a park.


  6. Bill Boyd, If you’re not already a member of the Rodney facebook page, you should join. There is going to be a clean up day in the near future……date yet to be determined. A group of about 70 members of the page had a clean up day last Feb. and there have been a couple more work days since then by a Sons of the Confederacy group who are now in charge of cleaning around the Presbyterian Church and cemetery. https://www.facebook.com/groups/RodneyMississippiRemembering/


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