Good News! Rodney Presbyterian Is For Sale

The Mississippi preservation world has been all a-twitter the last couple of weeks since word came out that Rodney Presbyterian Church is up for sale, first on Facebook, and then on Old House Dreams.

The church, dedicated in 1832, is located in the mostly-ghost town of Rodney, once an important town on the Mississippi River, until the river moved away and left it without a purpose. The building hasn’t housed a congregation since the 1930s. The United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) bought it in the early 1960s and accomplished two rounds of repairs in the 1960s and the late 1980s, under the now-defunct Rodney Foundation. Since then, the building has sat without much activity, partly due to a dispute about whether it was owned by the UDC or the Rodney Foundation. Mississippi River flooding in the last decade has gotten up to the church, which sits on a higher point than the rest of the town, and the foundation has been shifting. Lately, pushed by the Rodney Remembering Facebook group, formed by Mary Pallon, whose grandfather was the last pastor at the church, the title issue has been cleared up.

Once the property’s saleable status was posted on Facebook, it didn’t take that long for some of the folks in the Rodney Remembering group to start working toward establishing a non-profit organization to take ownership of the building. In fact, they were handing out brochures for their group this weekend at events around Jackson, including the Presbyterian History Day at Belhaven where there was talk of a separate but complimentary effort to start a Presbyterian Historic Preservation Society.

So, although there is much work, time, money, blood, sweat, money, and tears, and money (did I already say that?) left to go, I think the For Sale sign is a hopeful one for Rodney Presbyterian after many years of no hope at all. Read the brochure and get involved in whatever way you can to save this historic and iconic Mississippi place.

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  1. What a beautiful little church. Glad its preservation is looking hopeful!


  2. Glad to see it’s finally up for sale but I can’t help but wonder if a new group of volunteers won’t run into the same issues that the UDC did. Maybe if they are local it won’t be as much of a problem.


  3. Very proud of the work MS Heritage has done to bring everyone back to the table over the course of the last 8 months. Working with all parties to get some movement. We are still hard at work to help Any and all save this important piece of MS history.

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  4. Bad News!The 1890s Ralph Lipscomb House in Columbus– listed on the National Registry of Historic Places– is For Sale. The famed attorney Randolph Lipscomb fought the long twenty-year legal battle against Eric Clark and his “legal Beagles” who had attempted to have Columbus’ “perpetual land leases’ on the sixteenth-section land declared null and void. I’m thinking this case went all the way to the SCOTUS? Lipscomb won the case for the landowners with very little monetary compensation for himself. Some lawyers do have a heart. And Randolph Lipscomb had class, too. Lipscomb passed away last March. Lipscomb had the House listed nationally, but not with the MDAH. So, the estate’s attorney can sell the property to the Lowndes County Board of Supervisors– the estate’s attorney is the brother of the BOS President, David Sanders– and have the house demolished in order for the Lowndes County BOS to buy the land back… minus the historic home. Then, Lowndes County will own the whole block.



  5. My girlfriends great, great, great, grandfather, Rev. Silas Holms Hazard, had something to do with the first beginnings of the church and school there, we visited it about 5 years ago, and it has NEVER left our hearts…We are so hoping that it can be fully restored, and enjoyed by generations to come..Such a Beautiful piece of thankful it has not been vandalized…..Denise


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