Before and After: Poplar Hill School, Jefferson County

The folks who have recently brought back from the brink the one-room Poplar Hill School northwest of Fayette in Jefferson County will be holding an open house and rededication of the building after its recent preservation project on OCTOBER 6th, 2018, at 11:00 am.

The school received a Community Heritage Preservation Grant (CHPG) from MDAH in 2016. Check out the transformation achieved with a relatively small grant of $29,904!

More about Poplar Hill School

Categories: African American History, Historic Preservation, MDAH, Preservation People/Events, Renovation Projects, Schools


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  1. THANK YOU ELMalvaney!!! Our work continues there are still several areas that need some attention however it is ready for visitors.


  2. A lot of positive energy on this site!


  3. This is great news, and how do I like it? I like it a lot. I prefer the tin roof, but I am sure for protection, the replacement is better. I grew up in houses roofed with corrugated tin, and I just hold a partiality to them. Excellent work Toni and all, and congratulations. I will be in Natchez in March, and I will have to make plans to stop by and see Poplar Hill.


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