Walt Grayson recognizes Poplar Hill

Congratulations to the folks at Poplar Hill School in Jefferson County, one of our 101 Mississippi Places to See Before You Die, for a nice story on Walt Grayson’s Looking Around Mississippi. Aired on Friday, March 2, the story interviews alumni of the school along with others who are working to preserve this two-room African American school. The 101 list also gets a plug–thanks y’all!

Walt’s Look Around: Poplar Hill School – WLBT 3 – Jackson, MS:.

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  1. BRAVO! for posting this. I’m so happy Poplar Hill School made the Mississippi Preservation List of 101 Places To See Before You Die and Walt did this story. Reading about this is one thing, but seeing and hearing their stories touched my heart. Very moving. Every student in Mississippi (public and private) needs to attend class in Poplar Hill School for a day. Also, our legislators and superintendents of education need to be dropped off about 2 or 3 miles from the school on a hot day in May so they can walk to the school, carrying their lunch of a biscuit & sorghum in a bucket and spend the day on those hard benches solving “reading” math problems relating to money.


  2. Such a place must not be allowed to slip from our grasp. As noted above, a visit to a school like this would serve many well. I hadn’t known about this place before seeing it here. Thanks for sharing this!


  3. Gratitude E. L. Malvaney,

    We at Poplar Hill are so very proud and hope people will donate to restore and refurbish this important property. A refurbish property will be the true tribute to those who thought and fought for education for the African American children of the rural south. http://poplarhillschool.webs.com Donations can be made: Poplar Hill Museum of African American Culture, %R. Cruel, 1535 Old Hwy 61, Fayette, MS 39069


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