Top 11 MissPres posts written in 2017

Before we get too far into 2018, let’s take a look back at the most popular posts written during 2017. If you missed any of these posts now would be a good chance to catch up. If you remember them, it might be a good opportunity to revisit. I an surprised every year how many folks say they have missed some of the most popular posts.

1. Let’s nail the thieves who did this to the Shaifer House — 10,638 Views

2. Robert Snow, Savior of Waverley, Dies at Home — 2,870 Views

3. Another Important House Needs Our Help – Georgiana Plantation — 1,639 Views

4. Historic For Sale: Waverley — 1,198 Views

5. MHT Announces 11th 10 Most Endangered List — 1,133 Views

6. Hand Pointing to Heaven Now Pointing Toward Virginia — 1,009 Views

7. Good news Rodney Presbyterian Is For Sale — 1,000 Views

8. Meridian Demolitions and Why Ordinary Old Houses Almost No One Cares About Should Be Preserved — 983 Views

9. The Matawan Texacos of Mississippi — 974 Views

10. Historic For Sale: Mt. Hope Plantation near Hazlehurst — 951 Views

11. A Beaux Arts Swimming Pool Design in Mississippi?! – Aberdeen’s Acker Park — 836 Views

Lemon Award: Historic Preservation Tax Credit to be Retained — 101 Views

So was one of these 11 posts your favorite of 2017? News stories seem to reign as the most popular posts in 2017, with only two of the top 11 new stories (The Matawan Texacos of Mississippi, and A Beaux Arts Swimming Pool Design in Mississippi?! – Aberdeen’s Acker Park) not relating to some type of news.  I don’t enjoy writing or reading about bad news preservation or otherwise, but MissPres is often a lone voice, being the only place where you can find information on the historic places that make Mississippi a unique place. What topics would readers like to see more of? To get your thought process going, last year Malvaney wished to see additional posts from Suzassippi on the New Deal and on her task to visit locations from the MissPres 101 Places list, more of the Streetview preservation surveys from W. White, and my Word of the Week (or Month). I am all for reviving the WotW series. I believe two of our best words: Pigeon Hole Corner and Vomitory were reader suggestions. So please send any suggestions (with at least one photo) of the item to be identified to thomasrosell @

Did you have a favorite post that didn’t make the list? Did your favorite preservation story have nary a peep mentioned in 2017? Leave a comment below and let us know about your favorite 2017 Mississippi Preservation story.

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For the top posts of 2016…

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  1. In fairness, your “Lemon” was only published a week before the end of the year and right before Christmas, which is always a quite time on the blog, so that’s my attempt to make lemonade out of your lemon. :-)

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