Top 11 MissPres Posts Written in 2014

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Ladies and Gentlemen,  skipping the fanfare here are your Top 11 MissPres posts written in 2014.  See if your favorite story made the list…


 1. Free to a Good Home; 3,576 Views

While an astounding amount of page views might have lead everyone to believe that the building would be saved, these poor souls in Pascagoula are now on the 2014 auld lang syne list.  While popular on Facebook, this post shows that preservation action online needs to be followed up with action in the real world.  Had 3,576 or even 350 people showed up-on site in Pascagoula could these buildings have been saved?


2. Flora School Mystery; 1,690 Views

Does the mystery still exist?  Read the post and the extensive comment section to find out!


3. New Deal in Mississippi: Greenwood Underpass, AKA Main Street Railway Bridge Crossing; 1,186 Views

The most successful transportation-related post of 2014.  The underpass was documented by Suzassippi for part of her ongoing heroic efforts to log entries to the Living New Deal project.  This post was also quite popular with the Facebook crowd.


4. Fielder & Brooks Drug Store/COFO Building and the Remembrance of the Civil Rights Movement’s Historic Sites; 830 Views

While I am glad to see W. White’s story about the civil rights period of Mississippi’s history rank in the top five posts, I am disheartened that it was about the destruction of a significant site.  It’s hypocritical that while the State of Mississippi is constructing a Civil Rights museum, the actual places are allowed to fall to pieces, be wantonly destroyed, and taken to the landfill.


5. From the Age of Hi-Fi to Wi-Fi…the Rex Plaza in Tupelo; 820 Views

Any post from author Tom Barnes always elicits a high number of views on MissPres.  From Moderne to Mid-Century the Rex Plaza hotel had it all. With the property having been listed for sale, Tom stated “We can only hope that the future of the Rex Plaza will be as bright as its past.”


6. Public Works in Mississippi: Winona Post Office; 738 Views

The plethora of New Deal post office posts from Suzassippi in 2013 must have left the MissPres universe hungry for New Deal Mississippi post office posts (say that 10 times fast!) If we ask real nice maybe we will have more New Deal post office posts in 2015.  2014 did have two post office posts from Suzassippi.  The exceptional report of the debacled sale of the Gulfport post office and the one-of-a-kind Columbus post office and its mural.


7. Biloxi’s White House Hotel Reborn; 722 Views

This post title still seems like a dream to me.  For most of my life the White House has been a shell of its former self.  If you haven’t seen it in person, plan a weekend trip… in the meanwhile read all the White House Hotel posts over the past year(s).


8. Circle G Ranch Named One of America’s Most Endangered Roadside Places; 655 Views

Good news, the Circle G Ranch has been saved!  But the mission is far from over.  Google up the Circle G Ranch and find out the latest, all while celebrating the King of Rock-n-Roll’s upcoming 80th birthday.


9. Dark Days; 648 Views

It is not all gum drops and lolly pops in the world of preservation.  This post highlights a few of the preservation struggles of 2014, including the Webster County Courthouse, which had a restoration bond vote suffer a devastating  failure in April 2014.  Do we add Webster County Courthouse to 2015’s Auld Lang Syne list?  The Webster County Board of Supervisors filed a lawsuit against their insurance company Atlantic Specialty Insurance Co. (Atlantic also filed a counter suit), stating, “The Webster County courthouse is a historical building which does not lessen in value. Its value increases over time.” Does this mean that the Webster County BOS will restore its increased-value historical building?


10. Mommy, where did all the kudzu come from? Highway Engineers, dear.; 620 Views

What kind of Mississippi blog would MissPres be without a post about kudzu?  620 folks already know. Do not be left out, read this post and find out!


11. To Preserve and Protect; 548 Views

The witty title belied a deeper urgency to save this flagship Chis Risher design in Meridian.  Do you like wasteful government? If you answered no, then speak out against the city of Meridian demolishing -for no earthly reason- a building that is in better condition than the brand new leaking police station.


Lemon Award. A Nation in Motion: Historic American Transportation Sites; 29 Views

This page received only 29 views in 2014.  In fairness this page is just a conglomeration of the Nation In Motion series, a page that points to the individual blog posts themselves, but only 29 people saw the page.  So now is your chance to show it a little love, if you are not one of the original 29. :)

So was one of these 11 posts your favorite of 2014?  It’s nice to see a broad cross section of places & time periods, along with the good and the bad stories of 2014 covered.  It makes me feel as if MissPres is doing a halfway decent job of representing the whole state, but we still have a long way to go.

Did you have a favorite that didn’t make the list?  Did your favorite Preservation story have nary a peep mentioned in 2014?  Leave a comment below and let us know about your favorite 2014 Mississippi Preservation story.

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3 replies

  1. As a Tupelo native, I loved the Rex Plaza post. I posted it to Cy Burnett’s son’s FaceBook page and a lively and interesting series of comments followed. Thanks for the post–I’m happy that it was among the most popular from last year!


    • I’m glad to hear you found it worthy of sharing. Hopefully it will keep its popularity in the new year with some of those Facebook folks leaving comments on the Rex Plaza post itself. Thank you for helping make it so popular.


  2. WordPress used to show us more detail about where our views were coming from, but more recently all we see is “Facebook” or “Twitter,” leaving an air of mystery whenever we get a big spike. Thanks for sharing!


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