Roadside Mississippi: Dairy Freeze, Crystal Springs

Dairy Freeze. Crystal Springs, Copiah Co. Miss August 2016 (4)

Dairy Freeze. Crystal Springs, Copiah Co. Miss August 2016

The Dairy Freeze in Crystal Springs opened up c.1951 at the intersection of Hwy 51 and what I believe was old Hwy 27.  With Hwy 51 being the main drag between Jackson and Baton Rouge / New Orleans, the stand likely saw plenty of long-haul traffic in addition to being quite popular with the locals.  It looks like the structure is wood frame construction with rendering on metal lath.  The flat roof pitches to the rear and all but one of the side windows have been covered over.  The soffit is of tongue and groove bead board.  I noticed little clips on the underside along the soffit, not sure what their original purpose was but they don’t appear to have been used in a long time.  Any guesses as to what they might have been for?

The Clarion Ledger ran a story about the Dairy Freeze in Crystal Springs earlier this summer mentioning that it has become the subject of several artists.  The article also shares the fact that the current owner’s great grandfather’s brother, Earnest Garland, built the structure.  The neon sign apparently still works and appears to be original to the building.  The sign advertising Ice Milk would be at least 20+ years old.

I was so excited to investigate the Dairy Freeze that I neglected to photograph the adjacent gas station that appears to be of the same era.  Just another reason to head back when the Dairy Freeze is open.

fmr Gas Station Crystal Springs, MS Google Street View, June 2016 accessed August 24, 2016

fmr Gas Station Crystal Springs, MS Google Street View, June 2016 accessed August 24, 2016

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  1. I cannot see them clearly enough, but perhaps some sort of apparatus used to hang an awning?

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  2. The shape of that hook reminds me of a cable stay you might see on a flag pole or on a sail boat. So I’m going to guess and also say awning too.


  3. I think y’all are on to something. I’ll have to research awnings more. It could certainly been part of a fabric valance that would have shaded those big windows, like the valance on this Dairy Queen in New Smyrna, FL.

    or perhaps held up some colorful pennants.

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  4. Such a gladdening post!


  5. This was a favorite stop for my family on our trips between Vicksburg to my mother’s home town, Magnolia. That would have been in the early-mid 50s. Yum!

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  6. Today in Crawford, I saw a couple taking photographs of the town and approached them to offer any assistance. The couple was from Germany and spoke little English. They are on a tour of the US and have a website, AMAZING-USA. com. I offered to take them to John McCarter’s “Kate Ervin House and the oldest surviving Ante-Bellum home in Crawford, the Harvey-Gould home(circa 1840. They took the offer, but refused to enter the Kate Ervin home without permission, but did take photos of the house and the Harvey-Gould house. They said that the Deep South tour would last two weeks and photos would be uploaded then.


  7. I grew up in crystal springs. And frequented the dairy freeze. The best shakes, malts, sundaes, banana splits, etc. The best ever! I have been gone since 2000. And boy do I crave this place often.

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  8. A followup from four years ago.
    The German couple had suggested that I watch the AMAZING-USA dot com website for the gallery of photos of Crawford.
    Be sure and check out John McC****r’s Kate Ervin House. Oh, the stories I could tell.


  9. This building design was unique to Tastee-Freez. More buildings like this with the outward curve roof:

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